The magazine “Russian gallery XXI” 8-9, 2009.

Elena Kalashnikova was born in Moscow. In 1987. graduated from the Faculty of Painting Moscow State Pedagogical Correspondence
Institute under the direction of Professor A.A.Unkovskogo (SV School
Gerasimov). Diploma work, which consisted of a series of landscapes
Petersburg, was exhibited at the National Dog Show pedagogical
Institutions in 1988 in the Arena. Since 1990 is Creative
Artists’ Union of Russia. His works are in private collections in France, Germany, USA, Korea, and Russia.
In the works of Elena Kalashnikova masterfully transferred trepidation
and the beauty of life, the uniqueness of each of its moments. The main genres of the artist – the landscape, the architectural landscape, still life, flowers.
It is characterized by a chaste life and the perception of the nature and distribution of their states in accordance with a particular mood. Elena loves
portray different cities in the world. First of all, it ¬- Moscow, with its recognizable streets, promenades, squares, churches domes.
It is clear the clouds over Moscow bridges, clean puddle rain
embankments along the Moscow River, foliage Moscow boulevards,
wonderful reflection of committing an easy promenade passersby.
Palpable author’s interest in cathedrals and monasteries of Moscow, in particular
Bloch’s famous cathedral, which flaunts washed by rain
domes. An effect of the transfer of wet asphalt after rain.
Ovchinnikovskaya embankment becomes remarkable elegance, subtlety and courtesy.
The artist pays great attention to the transmission medium in which
immerses images by transmitting different lighting conditions.
Subtle colorist, Elena Kalashnikova feels great colors of light
light and color, achieving the effect of the glow from the inside, light Scorchlings side lighting or “point” of the upper world.
Interesting works by Elena Kalashnikova devoted to the city on the Neva.
It’s kind of the Holy Trinity Cathedral, the Kryukov Canal, the bridge over the Fontanka.
The architecture of St. Petersburg painted his own sense of the author, it is a kind of emotional impact techniques
historic architecture of the northern capital per person. In these studies,
reveals a different aspect of the vision of architecture, features a body-spatial composition, color and air. architectural detail
in their innumerable combinations, each of which is unique.
Landscapes Elena Kalashnikova are based on her travels in
recent years – is Serbia, Montenegro, Normandy. bright sun
, Mountains, blue sky and sea, the yacht hit us some convention,
full of light and air, the game of reflexes and the sunlight,
joyful tone, transmission of beauty and harmony of the world. All works are created from nature.
Viewing interest in texture, tactility special items to detail in writing. Born peculiar world of things;
in them, and a dazzling mystery and noble poetic feeling.
Extraordinary world of flowers Elena Kalashnikova .This exquisite irises,
delicate poppies, peonies and calla gorgeous, tremulous mallow, touching flowers of the field, sometimes combining them in a large variety of bouquets.
Elena means of painting conveys the character of each flower. Depending on the task and the subject of the image appears
smooth or bulk brushwork. Great importance attaches Elena plastic expression stroke at which the construction forms using color. Thick brush strokes of bright colors the artist conveys a sense of mature spirituality pions and gladioli, lilies and ponderous fragrance almost watercolor breathes
life in fragile Flowers- field poppies, violets, lilies of the valley. Still Life
with flowers – is a delight of the artist the beauty, richness of forms and color variety splendor of the natural world that surrounds man.
The overall structure of feelings of Ellen Kalashnikova determined sense of mental clarity and enlightenment, striving for joy,
delight life. Her art – is the chanting of the beauty and radiance of the world, enjoying the beauty of life, the approval of its harmony and beauty.

L. Kandalova, art


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